Do you have Dental Anxiety?  We have solutions,

We can help you relax with several sedation options including Oral sedatiion options as well as IV Sedation Dentistry which is a licensed form of sedation dentistry not offered at many other Dental offices.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

In a nutshell, sedation dentistry means that the Doctor prescribes medicine to help patients relax during their dental procedures. You may have seen it advertised as “sleep dentistry,” but this is not accurate as patients are not asleep, but rather awake at various levels of relaxation.

Should you be driving after receiving sedation?

In a word, no.  Generally speaking the effects of sedation will wear off  with adequate rest, however with any form of sedation,  we do not recommend driving.  For this reason, patients undergoing sedation of any kind must arrange for an escort to and from the office.

Do you suffer from Dental Anxiety?
Dr. Parlett can help with
IV Moderate Sedation.

Our office is equipped and licensed for Moderate IV. Sedation. This means that Dr. Parlett can adjust the level of sedation to tailor it to your needs.

Dr. Parlett holds a separate license for this modality and the practice facility undergoes an annual inspection of all anaesthetic equipment and drugs. He is also required to hold a current Advanced cardiac life support certificate. To further insure your comfort and safety a registered nurse from the local hospital emergency department is on duty assisting Dr Parlett during all iv. anaesthetic procedures.

Some offices advertise oral sedation and sleep but the reality is they are limited to pills and “laughing gas”. This technique is limited in its efficacy, but we can also provide mild oral sedation if this is all you require.

We are confident in our ability to make your dental apprehension disappear! Give it a try!

Typical Levels of Sedation Include:

Minimal: You are awake but relaxed.

Pills are the type of anesthesia most commonly associated with the term “sleep dentistry”. Many offices use this term to imply the patient will be completely unconscious however this is not entirely accurate. While we do offer this option, pills only provide a minimal level of sedation and are not the same thing as IV Sedation.

Moderate: IV Sedation.

For those who suffer from dental anxiety, consider IV Sedation. Typical side effects of dental anxiety such as nervousness and gagging are eliminated with this option and this level of sedation has the added bonus that you probably won’t remember much about the procedure. Learn more about IV Sedation at our office below.