3D Scanning provides Comfort and Precision

Our office uses 3D scanning technology to get precise imaging to help us communicate accurately and reliably with Dental Labs that will fabricate your Clear Aligners and retainers.  

This comfortable option allows us to take impressions of your teeth digitally without the need to endure an alginate impression.  Alginate is a poweder, that when combined with water makes a gel that in time will set firmly enough to use as a mold.  Commony used to make models of teeth, some patients find it uncomfortable, especially those that have an overly sensitive gag reflex. 

Lost Retainers or Aligners?  No Problem

Another convenient fact of 3D digital scans are, in the event you lose or damage your clear aligners or retainers, we can easily have another one fabricated for you from the digital scans we take at your initial visit.  The digital file is simply sent to the lab and another replacement is fabricated with precise specifications, custom talilored to you.