braces and orthodontics speed self ligating braces

SPEED™ Brackets providing

SPEED™ System Orthodontics is one of the smallest, most advanced orthodontic brackets available and provides patients with many  advantages.  We typically use speed brackets for qualifying patients that wish to have their treatment done in the shortest time possible.

Key Features of Speed Brackets

  • The brackets are quite small some times up to  1/3rd smaller than other metal brackets.  Patients enjoy this feature as they are unobtrusive.
  • They are smooth and rounded design minimizing irritation of the soft tissues in your mouth, and helping with overall comfort.
  • Highly efficient contributing to shorter treatment times overall.


CARRIERE ® Appliances

We work with Carriere appliances to help correct tooth position.  The system is easy for patients to work with, all they need to do is change out the elastics which are prescribed at various strengths depending on their treatment plan.  Patients may also be prescribed a retainer which only requires a mild washing with toothpaste and luke warm water as part of their dental hygiene routine.

This system is often used at the beginning of your treatment plan, before the actual braces go on, to help correct Overbite or Overjet issues that you may be experiencing.  After we have addressed these bite alignment issues, braces are then applied to affect proper alignment of the individual teeth.

Overbite refers to how far your upper teeth cover up your lower teeth when you bite down.

Overjet refers to how far out your upper teeth stick straight out leaving a space between your upper teeth.








Dr. Parlett offers orthodontic treatment for a wide variety of patients. “No one is too old or too young for orthodontics. Problems range from simple space maintenance and early correction of problems related to growing young faces to complex ortho-skeletal problems complicated by Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction.

Dr Parlett is a General Dentist, but he has been doing this type of work for over 30 years and received a Master’s degree in 2004 concentrating on severe types of dysfunctional problems of the masticatory system.

braces and orthodontics speed self ligating bracesbraces and orthodontics speed self ligating braces

braces and orthodontics speed self ligating bracesbraces and orthodontics speed self ligating braces