Get your teeth professionally cleaned with regular oral hygiene visits.

Keeping up with regular professional dental cleanings promotes healthy teeth and gums and has been clinically proven to improve your overall health.

Dental Hygiene and Professional Teeth Cleanings are clinically proven to improve your overall health.

Keeping up with regular Dental Hygiene appointments is directly related to maintaining overall good health.  After a thorough cleaning, your teeth will feel smooth and clean, and they will probably look a lot brighter too. But professional teeth cleanings aren’t done for looks alone.

Over time teeth tend to build up a layer of plaque (a sticky, bacteria-rich film) and hard deposits (called tartar, or calculus) that are very difficult to remove without special tools.  Having your teeth regularly cleaned greatly improves your chances of avoiding these kinds of issues.  While regular brushing and flossing are essential they are not enough alone to maintain excellent oral health in the long term.

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