Our practice has the added benefit  of being able to provide comprehensive dental laboratory services all under the same roof!  One exciting technology is that we work with an open based 3D cad cam workflow.  By doing this we are able to provide patients with the best possible range of options without being forced into a closed system like Cerec or e4d which other offices tend to work with.

Patients fully benefit from the one on one care they receive from our Dental Technician when working on dental restorations, colour matching teeth with dental crowns or during the manufacturing of their dentures.

This directly translates into improved wait times and any minor adjustments can be done right in house, often while you wait.

Our on-site dental technician has 20 +years experience as a registered dental technician and works seamlessly with our doctors to provide our patients with convenience and confidence.  If you need a dental restoration done, speak with Dr. Parlett to learn more how we can help give you the results you desire.

Our Dental Practice Focuses on Prevention of Oral Disease and the preservation of your teeth for a lifetime.

In addition to all the dental services you would expect to find at the dentist, there are a few things about our practice that are unique.

Here are a few of the value added benefits of working with Dr. Kim Parlett's office for all your dental needs.

We are a registered Oravital provider.  This program provides diagnosis and management of periodontal (gum ) infections with a series of oral rinses that together with careful and meticulous cleaning provides a new level for elimination or control of this disease process.

The use of these two systems have given us the ability to reduce the overall disease states in our patients, minimizing caries activity and periodontal Disease.! It is becoming more and more evident that a healthy mouth is extremely important to your overall health.

This is our ultimate goal!